Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You 2010!

        It seems that only yesterday was the 1st of January 2010. I just can't believe how time flies so fast! As I was scanning through my previous posts which mostly talked about my dilemma on what course to take, now here I am writing as a senior nursing student. How ironic.. How coincidental.. I just get this eerie feeling everytime I think about it.
        2011 is fast approaching. In exactly 6 hours and 40 minutes, I'll be facing a new year ahead of me! a clean slate awaits all of us! It's up to you to make whatever you want your 2011 would be! I often hear people saying "goodbye 2010" but as for me, I'd rather say, "Thank you 2010 for teaching me to...."

This year was extra special for me because I was able to vote officially for the first time! Everybody in the classroom knows that I'm a Noynoy fanatic! I even gave yellow wrist bands to my friends. I could still remember my mother keeping the yellow Cory flag memorabilia she got during the presidential campaign way back in 1986. She fondly shared her memories of how ecstatic she was when Cory touched her hand for the first time and didn't wash it off right away. hahaha! My mom, dad and I joined the campaign parade of Noynoy in Davao. And again, my mom was overwhelmed when Noynoy waved his hands as she jumped up and down shouting  "Noynoy!!". My mom's a certified yellow-blooded supporter. ;D It felt so good to be able to vote for the first time (automated pa! haha). Nevertheless, it all boils down to one thing--- it's not purely about the officials we choose but what matters most is the kind of Filipinos we want ourselves to be. And it's not enough to simply WANT to be an ideal Filipino but to actually BE the Filipino Rizal and other heroes fought for.

If you don't agree with other people's opinions, you might as well accept them. It will make things a lot easier and less of a burden. Different people means different thoughts. I've tried to accept other people's views instead of arguing with them. Having an open mind and an open heart is what makes this world less complicated.

This is not something which can be defined. It has to be felt. It comes in a lot of forms. Love for oneself, love for family, friends, special someone, even enemies and most especially love for God. Thanking 2010 for teaching me to love doesn't mean that I haven't loved before. It might be more fitting to say "thank you 2010 for teaching me to LOVE MORE and HATE LESS."

Serving has been my advocacy. As a freshman, I've joined this organization in school which stands for the same advocacy as mine. Up until now, I'm still a part of the said organization. Truly, I can say it has changed me in a lot of ways. I've learned to give myself to others. One time, a man crossed the street wearing this simple white shirt which read "How can you love yourself?" It's simple. "Love yourself in the service of others." Now that's something to live for.

I have learned a lot of things this year. I cried... I laughed... I stumbled.. I stood up.... Whatever 2011 has in store for me, I'm up for it! ;D

should I say bye 2010 or thanks 2010?

Definitely, THANKS 2010!

Wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers! ;D

                                                                                                         ~kissa <3

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