Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Japanese Style Omelette

     Well, when it comes to food, I must say JAPANESE cuisine is my fave! Way back when, I didn't like it because the humongous prawns really looked scary (don't worry I was just a kid then haha). So glad my father didn't give up on me. He kept on persuading me to eat such food and later on, I developed my distinctive taste and love for Japanese food. But mind you, I am such a picky eater when it comes to the raw ones. ;) 
      I woke up late AGAIN today and thought of what to eat for brunch. Since I was VERY hungry to cook anything complicated which would practically take much of my time, I decided to make an omelette with a twist! you bet! Japanese style!

    I started off by adding the following ingredients together. Yep, you heard me right. Just toss in everything!
Nori Strips
a pinch of salt
chopped onions
 and of course, an omelette wouldn't be an omelette if it wasn't for this main ingredient, don't you think? hehe
 Tadaaaaaaaaaaaah......(this good old fellow deserves a special mention)
"Ze Egg"

                       And oh, don't forget the Olive oil which will be used in cooking the egg as well as the
Cucumber and Grapes (for garnishing).

Here are the steps:
       1. Heat the pan.
       2. When it's already hot, pour a little olive oil just enough to cook the egg. Not too much as it may        
          make the omelette soggy.
       3. Add the egg mixture in the pan. Wait until the sides turn into golden brown before you toss it well.
       4. Once it's done, transfer the omelette to a platter of rice. This will serve as the topping.
       5. Garnish it with cucumber slices, tomato and grapes. *You may also add other fruits or veggies as 
           a side dish if you like.

Voilà! You have your Japanese style omelette! So now you know what to make when you're too hungry to
                                                                  think of what to cook! ;)

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