Sunday, February 19, 2012

Add Color To My World

I've come up with another outfit post for you. This time, I did not stick to a monochromatic shade but instead played with a palette of bright colors in my casual ensemble. 

 Just for fun, why don't you try counting how many colors I've mixed up? haha 

There's something about this beautifully chromatic Indian shoes. All the colors of the rainbow were intricately woven together to catch your eyes! These lovely flats will take you on a magic carpet ride full of adventure, saffron and sarees. 
Don't you just love to step on these comfy yet stylish shoes?

 What's an outfit without accessories? Add pizzazz in an instant by wearing nice pieces like these. 

Since the top was loud enough to shout COLOR OVERLOAD, I've paired it with nude folded shorts to tone it down a bit. 

 Tied my hair in a bun to keep it casual. I love how you can shun those strands away from your face in just a snap of a finger. 

Here comes ANOTHER candid shot. haha I guess you've figured out that I'm one heck of a laughing machine! :D

 Look beside you.

Blazer (STYLISTA, INC.)  | Polka Top (STYLISTA, INC) | Turquoise Blue Teardrop Ring (Accessorize) | Butterfly, peacock and brown oval rings (bazaar) | Metallic Braided Necklace, Nude Folded Shorts, Green Belt with tassel, Handmade Indian Flats (all from Bangkok)  

 Hope I've given you ideas on how to mix and match complementary colors to achieve a coordinated look. 
And oh, don't forget to have fun and make your unique style shine through!

PS: Thanks to Shey Amurao for taking the pictures. Visit her photo blog by clicking this. 


  1. Thank you tina!:)Keep posted for more looks soon.. :)

  2. Magic carpet ride indeed. Those flats are amazing... they look great with your outfit!

    xo Kate

  3. Thank you kate! :) those flats are nothing but comfy too! :)