Wednesday, February 8, 2012


                       Hi there! I've got something for you today! Just thought of greeting the month of February with an outfit post! yaaay! :)
                       To be honest, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wore this. I started by picking a nice sheer top and surprisingly found myself wearing a white tube top and a blue bandage skirt, that's it! and Oh, how can I forget the accessories? I decided to put on an Egyptian collar necklace to top off the look and make it more sophisticated and classy.

                          The rings added a touch of simple yet modern feel to my outfit, don't you think? 

Would you mind if I'd stare at you like this?  

 Meet my twin sister :)


                                                                                          looking at a distance

 I was trying to pose but I just can't help but laugh! I think it turned out to be better than the rest of the shots. hihi


 Since I loved how the chiffon created a nice silhouette, I took advantage of it and tied the ends together to create a dainty drape. It made my outfit more dramatic and needless to say, added dimension to the whole look.

See the difference?

    Sheer top (STYLISTA, INC.)  Egyptian Collar Necklace  | Blue Bandage Skirt (SOUL Lifestyle)  | Woven wedges (Bangkok)
I have this current addiction for sheer stuff lately. Make it yours too and you'll never regret! :)

By the way, all photos were taken by a good friend of mine, Arshey Amurao. Click this to visit her photoblog. :)


  1. Pak! Hahahaha! Kuyawa na this girl uy! Love your attire. Pero one thing that I won't forget about you: DILI JUD KA MAGPAKOPYA EVERRRRRR! HAHAHAHA

    1. hahahahahahahah!!!! LAUGH TRIPA NIMO RENZY UIE!!!! OW EM!!! thank you for reading this means a lot :) pero CGE KO KATAWA SA DILI MAGPAKOPYA NA LINE AH!!!! KALURKS KA!!! :)))) HAHAHA

    2. As in, kunot-kunot na ang imong papel tungod sa sobrang pagkacover. I was silently wishing that time na unta magisi imong papel kay dili man jud ka manghatag ug answers BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Samuka uuuuuuy

    3. KA HARSH UI! hahahahahah ikaw ah...nga secret wish diay ka tung una HAHAHAH :)*highschool days :)