Saturday, January 15, 2011

So here's a list of what I did yesterday:

took a nap after my  duty (7-3 shift) at the hospital... my lower extremities were totally numb!
woke up at 12 midnight just to make my requirements....
darn it!!! I never learned from my mistakes! I don't want to hear the word CRAMMING again!! EVER! yikes! i just hate the feeling...
but why do I usually find myself cramming ?! (this calls for a change! one of my new year's resolutions i should say haha)
and guess what?!!!! I was wide awake until 5 am!!
quick bfast ...then suddenly these words popped into my mind:

" try like you've never like you've never been hurt... laugh like you've never cried..."

dunno why I randomly thought about that... lack of sleep? i guess so...
took a bath..
rushed to hospital!! ..  I arrived earlier than the usual! yeeeey!! 6:22! (btw, we had to be there on or before 6:30am)
now that's what you call "morning rush!"