Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Sunday Like No Other

Sunday, as for many, is a family day. And of course, my family is not an exemption to that. We spent the whole day together and ended up at Grab a Crab to have our sumptuous dinner. After a day of malling, we were all hungry as a lion and we thought that Grab a Crab can pretty much satisfy our gut wrenching appetite. haha Now, you figured why I have this strangely endless liking for food. I'd like to think that it runs in the family. *with a grin*

Oh boy, it is difficult to choose from a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Not to mention their humongous menu cards which may overwhelm customers all the more. 

While waiting for our food to be served, I took snapshots of the cozy place. By the way, I guess you've noticed glass panels everywhere which happens to be my favorite detail of the interior design. The quotes from famous personalities added a modern yet classic touch to the whole venue. Not only that, reading fragments of their thoughts became my worthwhile pastime.

These intricately designed golden jars blended well with the colorful slender vases. This is yet another proof that the classic meets the modern theme.  

At last, the wait is over! haha Foodies all over! 

 Baked Clams  
Sizzling Tenderloin Steak
 Bicol Express
Grab a Crab's Signature Dish:  Shanghai Schezuan Crab 

Ever since I 've tasted this, I've never wanted my crabs to be cooked any other way! Think of sweet, spicy and a zing of gingerly taste that pops out of nowhere the moment you shove it in your mouth. YUM!

Spicy Crispy Shrimps

Had a bit of everything and as usual, I was the LAST one who finished eating. For some reason, I always do! Maybe it is because I'm the one who customarily zeroes in on everything! It is my way of cleaning up the plates you know. haha *another lame excuse*

We went out of the resto with satisfied tummies and hands holding them tight as if  they were about to fall loosely on the ground anytime! hahaha Oops, BURP! 

We strolled around the mall for quite some time and found ourselves marching our way into ANOTHER food haven! This time, for coffee and sweets at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Honey sticks

Good thing we arrived earlier. Had our seats before people swarmed in. 

 Motion Amidst Stillness

 Blended Milk Tea

Passion Fruit Tea

       Triple Decker Cheesecake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

This cake is TO DIE FOR!!! If only I could devour this everyday, I certainly would! The bittersweet taste lingered until I spooned the last chunk. So far, it is the BEST commercially made cake I've ever tasted! Nothing beats my mom's homemade chocolate cake of course. hehe *without bias* But I have to say it is a MUST-TRY!

Another landmark has been ticked off my checklist!
Off to more food adventures...........one day at a time! *wink

Friday, February 24, 2012

Silver Sparkles and Red Streaks

        For February's sake, I TRIED to wear red. I'm not a big fan of this color but hey, I've changed my mind after seeing it work well for me.... I suppose. You might be wondering why I had this red dress in the first place. To break whatever speculation you're thinking, I have to reveal that it was a gift from my sissy. Though she gave it to me about a month ago, I've never used it or maybe I never had the chance to. Oops, not that I did not like it but because of the lame reason that it was RED. As I opened my closet a while ago, there it was, lying on the darkest corner waiting for somebody to notice and bother to pick it up. And so I did and the rest of the story is seen in the pictures below. HAHA! Surprisingly, I liked the result! And  because of that,I'm planning to throw in some red pieces to my wardrobe. Not a bad change for the month of February, right? 

 Too early for a candid shot. IKR! haha Just so you know, I was just checking my nails here and realized I haven't trimmed it yet. MAJOR OOPS!

 Enough of the nail checking, time to pose for the camera. *click

Red is a happy color. :) Just try to set aside those thoughts about blood okay? Just for now... hihi

And the camera keeps on clicking...

On to the details of my look. I used a pastel colored floral belt to break the monotony of the plain red dress. And if this piece of advice ever helps, dressing up for whatever occasion means dolling up from head to toe. Our fingers deserve to be adorned by cute rings which match the style you imbibe. All of the rings I used speak of femininity and anything flimsy you can think of--- ribbons, hearts, cherries you name it.

I paired it up with gold peep-toe pumps to finish the look seamlessly.
Gold has always been a classic.

I've noticed that detachable collars slowly climb its way up to the "must-have" list of every preppy girl. And guess what? This ingenious accessory made its way to my closet few weeks ago. Talk about trying out new things to put up this look.*wink

 ANOTHER new thing I've tried was curling my hair! Yaaaay! Though I've done it a few times before but it's not everyday that your hair gets curled up, right?

If you want to know how to achieve these curls,please click this to check out my best friend's tutorial video. Her name is Chokie. You may also want to visit her blog by clicking this.

Shouldn't this be a NEW year post? haha Pretty much this has been the look that I've tried on new things the most.

It is fun to try out something new once in a while,don't you agree?
Here I go again with a smirk on my face.
You'd better know that I'm not a VERY SERIOUS person! hahaha So I think the second photo's better than the other one... looks even friendlier! haha

 Bow earrings all the more add detail to one's whole look.

This is just a portfolio of the pics we took that afternoon.

 Before I thought this color was overpowering for me. 
My folks may have rarely or never seen me wearing anything red. 
You now know the reason why.

Red Dress (Forever 21)  Detachable collar (Flatterbuy) | Floral belt and Bow earrings (H Out of Date|
  Gold peep-toe pumps; Rings (Bangkok) |

Wearing red doesn't look that bad I guess.With just the right accessories to tie up the look, you're good to go! :)
February is the Red Month after all. Why don't you make the most out of it and wear something red today?