Monday, March 21, 2011

Boho's Back!

When I saw these pics last night, I started to like fringe bags! Matched with the right top and accessories, you’re on your way to becoming a boho chic!

I Remembered buying a fringe bag way back when I was in elementary. Boho style wasn’t the trend then but I don’t know why I bought it. . (maybe I had this ability of predicting fashion trends… *with voice whispering to my ear “ Go ahead and buy that… it’ll be a hit when 2011 comes!” hahahaha) ok2 enough of my random thoughts! Haha :D let’s go back to what I was telling you…. Where was I? Ok, so I bought the bag because I was so thrilled of how the leather strips swayed and mimicked every move I made (what a lame reason! haha) I only used it once (yes, I know what you’re thinking… a compulsive buyer, I agree hahaha) Now that boho’s back, I got my fringe bag out of its lonely dark space in my cabinet and voilĂ ! See I have my fringe bag back! Yaaaay! Epic!

Just today, I bought 2 pairs of earrings!! I couldn't be happier! Both can be matched with my bag!