Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year Awaits

Times flies so fast, isn't it? 2012 is about to start and here I am again, writing my traditional year-end post. Pretty much, this is just about all the significant things I'm thankful for this year. Before I started to jot down the things I wanted to say, I read my 2010 year-end post and it's quite funny how I mentioned again the line, "time flies so fast" and now finding myself typing the same thing before I even read that post. Oh well, I may never get the hang of it or maybe I just can't get over with the fact that I'm finally facing 2012 in just a few hours. Back to where I was, there are a lot of things I am thankful for. When I say A LOT, it's too many to be numbered. So let me start by saying, "THANK YOU 2011 FOR TEACHING ME TO..."

If you've read my first post ever, which is practically about me being confused on what course to take and other dilemmas you think a post highschool student faces,then you might as well be surprised to hear from me that finally, I graduated from a 4-year course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing! yaaaaay for me! Truly, I 've proven myself that if you just put your mind to it, then surely you can achieve whatever you aspire! It may have been a long tough journey for me, but in the end I'm proud to say "I did it!" with flying colors. Not to mention, I was also requested to deliver a speech during the pinning ceremony at CAP Auditorium last April 7. How can I not be thankful for that? Without the grace of God and the support of my family and friends, I couldn't have achieved this.

Right after graduation, I and my good friend, Miggie decided to join free review classes since we've got nothing else to do and thought that it would be productive to attend classes instead of doing nothing at all. And besides, it's free! Our co -reviewers were the July takers. Just so you know, the Board of Nursing conducts the PNLE (Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam) twice a year. I chose to take the exam on December to have ample time to complete my cases and other requirements. After our free sessions, we had to take our formal review sessions for 5 months. All in all, it took us about 8 months to review for the said exam. whew! tiring? you bet! Hopefully the fruits of our labor will be reaped as soon as the result comes out. *keeping my fingers crossed* But beyond all the hard work, what matters most is how we kept ourselves close to God no matter what! On the actual day of the exam, it was God who guided us all the way and helped us finish the exam with a thankful spirit and a hopeful heart.

I'd never get tired of saying this to myself over and over again, "If you think you've tried enough, then there's nothing left to do but to accept reality". There's no use of fighting what reality mirrors us. Yes, it may be painful to bear at times,but always remember that acceptance is the vital key for you to take in whatever it brings. However, we must not forget that we CAN ALWAYS CHANGE reality if and only if we have the relentless will to do so. NEVER LOSE HOPE for today's reality may be tomorrow's success.

There's no one in this world who hasn't been hurt. That's a fact. Whether we like it or not, hurt is but part of human's life cycle. Let's face it, it deeply hurts to be hurt. Whatever it is that you're going through right now, NEVER GIVE UP. This point also has a connection with the previous one. Before you start the healing process, acceptance should come into the picture first. One may have his own ways of healing which may be different from that of others but having the courage to take the first step to healing brings forth several steps to completion. And always put in mind that God will always be with you throughout the process.

Wish I could have written more but I guess my post would be too long by then. My apologies for my wordy post. I guess I was just carried away while reminiscing what my year has been. I'm done sharing mine. How about you? How was your year like?

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